Choosing Between Soft and Hard Body Armor

Whether you’re going to be in the field for an extended period of time or you’re going to be using hard armor on a regular basis, there are several different considerations to consider when choosing body armor. For example, you’ll want to make sure that your hard armor can be easily concealed in your clothing. The thickness of your body armor is also a factor, as thin armors are less visible than thicker versions.

You’ll also want to know the differences between soft and hard body armor. While soft armor isn’t as robust as hard body armor, it is still an effective option for a defensive situation. Most soft body armor can only stop pistol and shotgun rounds reliably. If you’re going to face bigger threats, however, you’ll need to use hard armor. Here’s how to decide which type of body protection is right for you:

One of the most common types of body armor is a vest. These are the most comfortable to wear. Some even have shirt tails, and there’s antimicrobial fabric throughout. The vest has elastic side straps and neoprene shoulder straps. This vest is fully customizable, and you can add extra inserts to customize your look and protection level. Whether you’re looking for a full-face mask or a headgear, hard armor can protect you against any type of assault.

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