Soft Armor Vests For Women

If you are looking for affordable protection against most handgun threats, level II soft armor panels by AR500 Armor might be the solution for you. These plates are made from p-Aramid fibers and can be worn as a vest, backpack, or messenger bag. Designed, cut, and assembled in the USA, Rimelig Ballistic Plates provide maximum impact protection, even when you are carrying a heavy object.

The material of the soft armor must also resist blunt trauma. Bullets can cause dent in body armor, and the deeper the dent, the more trauma the wearer will suffer. It is important to choose the right type of armor depending on the situation. This article discusses the types of soft armor and how they protect the user. You can learn more about the different types of armor by reading below. If you need extra protection, you should invest in a full body suit.

Hard body armor is composed of hard plates, made of steel, ceramics, or composite materials. They are surrounded by a pliable armour shell. These layers interlock with each other to increase the strength of the body armour. The layered-plate system was developed by the U.S. military. The ceramic plates are covered with synthetic fibers to improve their protective capabilities. You can also find a soft armor vest for women in the market.

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